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If you've been unhappy with your home lately, you may think your only option is to move. But you can turn your current home into your dream home when you work with Str8 Shot Power Washing LLC in Taunton, MA. We provide full bathroom and kitchen remodeling services.

You can also trust us to update your living spaces and finish your basement. From installing plumbing and electrical work to painting, we'll take care of the entire process. Discuss your vision with our basement and bathroom remodeling team today to get started.

Top signs it's time for a home remodel

Top signs it's time for a home remodel

There are some telltale signs that you could use living room, basement or kitchen remodeling services. You should update your home if you:

  • Don't use all the space you have
  • See signs of deterioration everywhere you look
  • Feel like your home doesn't reflect your personal style

Do any of these signs sound familiar? Schedule an appointment with our kitchen and bathroom remodeling pros right away.